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The new StockPe Feed section

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Feeds are a new feature in StockPe aimed to bridge learning and contemporary updates in Finance. Feed section in StockPe app can be accessed by the icon at the far-right end of the home pane in the StockPe app.

Feeds at StockPe app are aimed to bring out the unstructured but geometric, lucid and freeflowing side of finance. Feeds are crisp short-form content capsules, which can be consumed on the go, with a jacketed coffee cup in one hand.

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Every feed is meticulously sourced from restricted Finance communities or exhaustively curating the best twitter threads on finance, stocks, investment, economy and fintech throughout the world and in India. These threads are sourced in a time-bound manner, before these news reaches mainstream journalism outlets. At the end of the day, Time is Money!

Extensive and in-depth financial research goes into translating vague economy news into market relevant snippets. Then there is the personal finance snippets which aid the user in making wise financial decisions. This is an extended appendage from our learning section and make it to the feeds, frequently.

#How can Feeds be useful? :

#How can Feeds be useful in supplementing your finance learning ?

Our feeds are intricately designed to enhance ease of use. Scrollable, expandable, categorized and likeable – our Feed design is the ultimate catch! Our design will ensure, you do not have to lift a finger to get that contemporaries relevant finance gyan of the day.

Our feed feature is the lightweight cardio section of StockPe’s finance gym. Feed feature is one of the coolest features on StockPe.

You will definitely miss out to be a part of something huge, if you don’t dedicate 3 to 4 minutes of your day consuming our feed capsules. We can assure that!

Feed Categories

TweetRack – Feed curated from the best restricted threads and insider tips on Finance which has the potential to be viral, if consumed in large numbers. Dedicated time, effort, content research and priority is allocated to feature this category in feeds.

Global – Updates on any global trend or economic issue, which can have a profound impact on finance.

Hot News – Feed which features already viral update, by adding unique insight and intensive research to it.

Trending/Market-Trends – This category features research-driven insights to market updates which fall with an optimum-term window of time. This window is not more than 2 weeks. Goal of this category is to capture the trend and pulse of the market.

GeneralPersonal Finance and Stock Education snippets which need not necessarily trend. In other words, this category reflects essential capsules of finance education.

History – This category features milestone stocks or milestone financial achievements which carry illustrations from the history to compare.

Stock – Feed which serves as a stock capsule and talks about a particular stock.

Editorial – StockPe’s OpEd which is opinion led. Value of editorial lies in the authenticity and depth of financial opinion provided.

#Why see Feeds? :

#Why see Feeds in our app? :

Our Feeds feature is iteratively revamped every week with new designs and new ideas.

The upending vision which we aim to achieve with our Feeds are to provide a platform hosting organic insights,curations and opinions which are plagiarism-free. These can be updates which are already trending or brand new insider tips on Fintech and Finance or merely a stock or market education capsule.

Sourcing, curating and producing authentic and exclusive content upholds the integrity of our Feeds feature.

Our Feeds feature is easily searchable and our Feed capsules are easily digestible.

Reading content which are posted on our feeds is as easy as a single scroll. Our content is carefully customized to be easy and approachable.

Once you click on a specific feed, to expand it, you can also see the feed labels which accompany the feed. These labels are aimed to be standard hashtags which set out to capture the tone of the feed.

Feed Labels :

RBI – Any updates on the market in which RBI or economic or operational changes made by RBI play a significant role.

SEBI – Any updates on stocks or stock market trends which are impacted by SEBI’s decisions or regulations.

NSE – Hot cross cakes on the National Stock Exchange.

Startups – Features any company of venture or initiatives or stride or decisions taken in finance and fintech.

Popular – Highly engaging feeds which draw in a lot of interest from people.

How to – get started on StockPe Feeds :

  1. Download and install StockPe app from Playstore.
  2. In the bottom-right, click on the Feeds icon.
  3. Feed feature is rich with eye-catching illustrations and versatile updates on finance, with category tags and sorted by recent and latest.
  4. Scroll through.
  5. Click on the Feed you want to catch up with.
  6. Feed expands. Read the feed.
  7. If you liked the feed, click the thumbs-up and like the feed.
  8. When you like the feed, it encourages to give the best updates every time.
  9. Press back to reach the scrollable Feed section again.
  10. Read and like other feeds.

Did you love our StockPe feed section?

All it takes is to take the plunge and click on the notification everyday at 12.00 PM. Our Feed section supplements your learning to guide your investment journey.

We upload a brand new Feed with the latest updates and trends, everyday at 12PM in the afternoon.

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Disclaimer : None of our content is intended to promote or provide advisories for stocks and is fully in adherence with SEBI regulations.